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Friday, March 12, 2010

Linkdump 1

I tend to accumulate quite a few bookmarks while surfing the net. I suppose it might be fun to share some of the most interesting ones. Here are the ones for this week:
  • Harmony, a procedural drawing tool. It's based on HTML 5's canvas element. You can find technical details here.
  • Tonematrix, a simple sinewave synthesizer. Just paint and have fun making music in the process.
  • Xerxes, ambient music for coding sessions. I'm more into progressive and heavy rock but I digress.
  • Automata based programming with Petri nets - Part 1. Now that sounds interesting. It kind of reminded me of DAGs.
  • Data compression explained. Now that's what I call a comprehensive look at the subject.
  • Git tricks. There is some nice information about git condensed.
  • Django flowcharts, [1], [2]. If you want to know the anatomy of a Django beast, check those out. They might help to explain a thing or two.