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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Harmony - Projection

Lately I have been working on projection functionality at my fork of Harmony. Projection allows you to draw straight lines and circles easily. It can be used to help in perspective work like a ruler. In addition I have found it useful for technical work as the following experiment shows:

In this latter experiment I tried out radial projection with some targeted projection:

The current version contains a couple of basic projections (horizontal, vertical, target, radial, parallel) and means to deal with projection targets (set, cycle). As a bonus I implemented projection preview.

The default hotkeys have been bound to number keys (not numpad!) spanning from 1 to 7. They are configurable at src/js/conf.js. There are some other goodies there as well.

I suppose I will revisit symmetry functionality next and then move onto layers or something else that's fun. Feedback and experiences on the feature are welcome as always. I probably should try to host the app somewhere but for now checking out the repo or downloading a tagged version (v0.39) ought to do.