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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ellipsis jQuery plugin + Events at Jyväskylä

I just released a small ellipsis plugin for jQuery. I had some long lists that needed shortening so that did the trick. It works with various other elements too. It's possible to animate that as well.

A lot has been happening around here lately. Here's a brief summary:

  • The very first agile conference of Jyväskylä, AgileJkl, will be held at April. A similar event, Scandinavian Agile Conference, will be held around March at Helsinki.
  • Geek Collision meetings have continued. So far we haven't had any special events. Just a few (ten or so) geeks and something to drink. Try organizing something like this around there too!
  • A demo scene event, Instanssi (Finnish only), will be held at March.  Some members of the co-op I'm involved in will demonstrate their technology there.
  • Our very own Hacklab (Finnish only) will have an open doors night at 14.2.
  • Koodilehto, the co-op I'm involved with, just received a new site. Check it out to figure out what we're doing at the moment. You might also want to check out the source. There are some custom bits in it. This article covers the concept and some of the technology used.