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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Packt Reaches 1000 IT Titles and Rewards Its Supporters

Just thought to let you know that the kind folks at Packt Publishing have decided to commemorate the fact they are about to publish their 1000th title. As you might know Packt specializes in IT books and open source in particular. I've reviewed a few of their books on this blog. Even though the quality tends to vary a bit there are some really nice works amongst the bulk every now and then.

They are going to rewards their readers, old and new, by releasing mystery gifts available on their site at the end of September. If you register there, you should be able to access those between 28th and 30th. I'm not entirely sure what they have in mind but it would not surprise me a lot if it had something to do with books.

You can read full details at their press release. I personally hope they reach 2000 titles and more some day. It's good to have publishers specializing on IT and open source. Besides Packt I've enjoyed the works of O'Reilly and The Pragmatic Bookshelf. Besides those Apress is worth checking out if you are into technical books on open source technologies.