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Saturday, September 8, 2012

readme2gh - Keeps Your GitHub and index.html in Sync

I really like how GitHub has developed its Pages service. It's absolutely great for project site hosting. They even provide a site generator for projects with some spiffy templates and make it possible to load project as initial content. Unfortunately maintaining the generated index.html is boring as they do not provide an easy way to synchronize them.

That is the reason I threw together readme2gh. It simply syncs your gh-pages index.html with the content of your It does this by fetching that via web and then injects the transformed data to your template that is then written to your index. Study the project site and the script itself for exact details.

I hope someone finds this useful! I know the current implementation is somewhat crude and likely far from perfect. Still, might be handy if you want to keep your README and index in sync. :)