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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Elovalo - Sneak Peek at Web IDE

Besides working crazy hours at a local startup for minimal pay I have found time to develop some cool stuff on my spare time. I guess you could classify Elovalo Web IDE into that category. Elovalo itself is a combination of LED cube and a pedestal.

We used to program effects for it using C. That tends to be a little bit slow and painful although we do have a way to visualize the code without having to use actual hardware. The idea of a web based IDE has been bubbling in my mind for quite a while. What if we just skipped all that boring C code and wrote effects in JavaScript instead. And better yet what if we had realtime visualization utilizing WebGL?

As it happens I have managed to achieve just that. You can see some preliminary results below. Code jockeys might also like to take a look at the source code to see how you might end up with something like that.

The environment is still missing various doodads but it's slowly getting there. We aim to demonstrate the first production version of it at a local demoscene event, Instanssi, at the beginning of March. Anyway, enjoy the demo till then!