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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

JSter - Templating in JavaScript cont. + Sneak Peek at Survive JavaScript

Since I do a fair bit of publishing these days over at JSter's blog, I thought it might be a good idea to bump some of those posts here.

I think my recent, expanded post on templating, is a good idea of one. It delves a bit deeper than my post here and should give you even a clearer idea of what it's about and what kind of alternatives there are.

Survive JavaScript - Sneak Peek

On other news I have been working on a little booklet on JavaScript. My goal is to show people how to survive with JavaScript. It is aimed primarily for beginner to intermediate level. So if you are a pro, just skip it. :)

At the moment the first few chapters are about ok. The rest are just stubs. Regardless feedback is welcome. I am particularly interested in which sort of topics you think I should cover. It can be a little difficult to see which are tough ones anymore.