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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Recent Work and Media Attention

I've been working on a CDN related project lately. It will go public within the next few days and I'll make a separate post out of it. During its development I wrote a simple API client for Pingdom on Node.js. It's read-only for now but that's all you need for many purposes.

Pingdom is one of those services that makes it easy for you to monitor the status of your service. They provide features such as SMS alerts and visualizations of course. This can be especially valuable if you are running a commercial site and uptime is money.

They interviewed me and a friend of mine from jsDelivr, a CDN service meant for JavaScript libraries. Check out their interview to see what I have to say about

A couple of days ago I got in talks with the guys by a chance. They have a hacker specific job board available. As a result of the discussions a post was published on their blog. I share my thoughts about how to find JavaScript libraries in it. Another article perhaps worth checking out.

I hope this brief post gave you some idea on what I have been up to lately. There are still quite a few things in the oven. :)