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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

CDNperf - CDN Performance in Numbers

The big day has come. It's time to reveal CDNperf. The service has been designed to provide a quick glance at various JavaScript CDN providers. Before this it has been very difficult to get an idea of their performance. Not anymore.

Besides providing this sort of service we aim to extend CDNperf to contain web performance related content. It is one of those topics that has been scattered around the web. Perhaps we can do something about that.

We have had the site in a beta for a while now. I am not saying it's entirely complete yet but it should be okay enough for casual usage or a glance at least. In case you are interested in the technology used, have a look at the GitHub repository.

This is a project that simply would not exist without our partners. It started as a collaboration between us JSter guys and Dmitriy Akulov of jsDelivr. We simply wanted to create something together and this lead to an idea of a CDN performance site.

As measuring performance can be difficult and requires global infrastructure, we contacted Pingdom. Thankfully they agreed to sponsor our efforts. To make it all work we also needed a host. BlueVM answered to the call. Big thank you!

Even though CDNperf might not be technically the most complex project, it proved to me that you can get things done with a bit of collaboration. It would have been next to impossible for me or Dmitriy alone to build a service such as this. With a bit of persuasion and hard work we managed to do it.

I hope you enjoy using the service. In case you happen to have any specific ideas on how to make it better, do let us know at the comment section.