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Friday, May 21, 2010

Linkdump 6

  • Agile Operations in the Enterprise. The article contains some fairly interesting points related to introducing agile methodologies to enterprise world. The main point appears to be that in order to gain benefit from agile way of thinking, you truly have to accept it as a part of corporate culture and values. Makes sense.
  • Start In The Middle. Focus on the core and make it work well. The rest is just necessary tedium. Better focus on the interesting part first, no?
  • How To Think? Too bad brains don't come with an instruction book.
  • Simple Kanban tool. It's one HTML file, just like TiddlyWiki. I suspect it might be most useful even in local setting to help one to manage tasks and to focus on the essential.
  • CSS Layout Generator. If you ever happen to need a quick and dirty CSS layout, that tool seems like a decent pick for the job. I'm sure there are plenty of others around as well.
  • Sass. A sassy alternative for good old CSS syntax. Doesn't it just look spiffy? I like particularly the YAMLish version of the syntax.
  • Haml. Proper replacement for tedious HTML markup, finally! Notice how terse yet functional it is.