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Friday, February 28, 2014

Boundaries Are Meant to Be Pushed

We define a lot of our world in terms of boundaries. Besides physical ones we have a whole load of immaterial ones. Maybe the most interesting of these are personal ones as they put some limits to what we believe we can do. But that doesn't mean boundaries cannot be pushed.

I was in a very poor shape physically a decade ago. Then one day I decided I must do something about it. You only have one chance to at it. Why not to spend it healthy? Based on this decision I started pushing my boundaries. One step at a time. I started with short walks to develop a routine. No matter what the weather was, I went out there for my half or even an hour walk a couple of times a week. The key thing was to keep on pushing.

As I kept pushing I started discovering new things like the forest nearby. I took up skiing and started to venture around. I even got a fancy road bike that I absolutely love. I discovered trail running and a hidden tribe of superathletes. I ditched my expensive trainers in favor of light "trail gloves". As a result my flat feet gained perfect arch and my feet are now in better shape than ever.

Last year I began getting into foraging seriously. I was missing out all that time. The nature is full of treats if you know where to look for. I took up on art again and keep on improving. Now I'm in process of exploring Italian kitchen even though I haven't cooked seriously before.

It is amazing how much you can miss if you don't push and just settle for what you have. Even one tiny push every day can take you to places you could never imagine. Maybe that's one of the secrets of a good life?