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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

SurviveJS - Site is Up!

I've been developing a static site generator known as Antwar for a while with Andreas Eldh. The project is based on Webpack and React. Two of my favorite technologies. We started from pioneering efforts of Brad Denver and have progressed quite far from that.

As I needed site for my upcoming book and I have to build some momentum behind the release, I decided to build a little site around the content. This was the perfect excuse to push Antwar further. The current development version is more than just a blogging engine. Now it supports multiple sections and uses versatile data mapping (ie. for book content). We'll fold the functionality I developed for the site in the next major release.

To see what can be achieved using the technology, check out I know there are a lot of smaller issues to fix but sometimes you just have to get something out. Perfection can be attained later. I hope you enjoy the online version of the book. There are some interesting times ahead.