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Sunday, May 17, 2015

SurviveJS - Webpack and React - Featured at Leanpub

I've made some solid progress since my previous post about my upcoming the Webpack and React book. Even though I haven't started promoting it yet Leanpub decided to feature it! So if you head there now, you'll see something familiar at their front page. If you haven't picked a copy yet and want to support the project, this is a good chance to pick up a copy at a reduced price.

Despite initial rejection by publisher perhaps going forward with this little project wasn't that bad an idea after all. I've received a lot of positive feedback and it feels there's some serious momentum behind the project. The book is literally being drawn out of me. It has been very encouraging to get direct feedback from readers! I hope to keep it up and get the best book I can out there.

To keep the scope manageable I decided to split the content into "core" and "extra" chapters. The initial version will contain core chapters. The completion of extra chapters depends on whether it will make sense financially. You can get a better idea of the plan by checking out my progress tables.

If the book sells and there's demand, I have no problem turning this into something serious! I have a feeling a lot of good could come out of that. So far working on the book has been a fun experience. I might do a few things differently now but you live and learn.